Tribute to the fallen of all nationalities

Residents remember those who perished during World War One.

By Bobby Wazzo

Children and adults surround a tree, placing poppies by its base.
L-R: Drasht Drashti Patel, Rishit Patel, Constanta Teleguta and Irfan Yildiz

An understated but heartfelt tribute took place at the Olive Garden Restaurant community space, Forest Gate on Armistice day 2023 at the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

In 2018 local people, supported by Newham Council funding, established the only WW1 memorial in the Country, commemorating both the Anglo/Romanian partnership in the war, also the loss of lives on all sides during the conflict.

More than 600,000 Romanians were thought to have perished during the occupation of their country.

This year the loss of 67,000 Indian troops was also remembered as poppies were laid by members of the Indian, Romanian and British communities of the Katherine Road area.

Monega Area Residents Association member Ana Citu co-ordinated the poppy laying and described it as “moving when we stood silent for two minutes,” adding: “Two of my own family perished in Romania and it is wonderful that we have this little memorial to where we can pay respects.”