Hedge funding in West Ham Park?

Friends of West Ham Park are funding planting and more, writes Roger Jones

A photograph of parkland

West Ham Park is about to plant 200 metres of native hedgerow around the outside of the Childrens playground. This project, funded by the Friends of West Ham Park, will benefit both playground users and local wildlife.

It will improve the air quality in the playground and give the area a more natural feel. There will be flowering bushes and ones giving autumn colour. It will provide nectar and berries for insects and birds, and also shelter.

The plan is to plant the new hedge in the early spring next year once the winter rains have softened the ground enough for the plants to survive.

We are also seeking grant funding to plant a similar hedge around some of the mounds in the area between the sports pitches, where we already allow the grass to grow long to provide food for pollinating insects, without which many plants and crops cannot grow. This includes a lot of our food plants. These will enclose small areas reserved for wildlife, but still visible to all visitors.

This will be especially useful for study by school groups but will provide interest for everyone. YOU can help to secure this funding by voting for the project in Newham’s People Powered Places ballot which is open until 12 November.

When the hedge plants are ready to be put in, local people and school groups will have the opportunity to help with the planting. Watch this space for dates and details.