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The closure of Stratford’s Wilko is the end of an era.

By Newham Voices  

Two people stand in the soon to close Wilko store
Cindy and Sabrina

The closure of the Wilko store on 8 October, one of the last of the company’s 400 branches to close its doors, marked the end of a 22-year era for Stratford shoppers. 

Among those most affected were the company’s 20 staff who suddenly found themselves out of a job. But two who live in Newham, Cindy and Sabrina, pictured here just two days before the closure, were looking on the bright side. 

“I’ll miss the place and the friends I’ve made here,” said Cindy, on the left. She joined Wilko when it first opened and is already looking forward to a rest. “I think I’ll take it easy and retire.” 

But her friend Sabrina, who has been with the company just two years will be job hunting. “I’m sure I’ll be able to find something,” she said, “but it’s a sad day for everyone.”