Standing up to bullies and promoting a better future

A banner reading 'Celebrating Black History Month in Newham'

Newham born and raised Vinicia Ferreira founded Young Generation Needs Us (YGNU) a Youth Led social enterprise that uses creative arts to bring awareness to mental health, anti-bullying and SEND, in 2021 when she was 17.

By Neandra Etienne

A young person stands by a a sign reading YGNU
Vinicia Ferreira, Founder Young Generation Needs Us Photo: Neandra Etienne

Vinicia came up with the name because she wanted to express that it’s everyone’s duty and responsibility to shape the development of and to provide support for our future generation.

Vinicia’s lived experiences of bullying, troubled childhood and what she had witnessed amongst young people was the foundation of how she came up with the idea for her organisation. 

Vinicia told Newham Voices: “I realised there wasn’t much help given to young people who come from an African background due to stigma and ignorance. I thought how many young people face what I did or what I saw and didn’t get support.” 

Vinicia has a passion for helping young people and with so many youth centres closing down she had concerns for them, she said “In order for young people to succeed it requires a collective contribution, they need guidance from everyone and each other.” 

Through her organisation YGNU Vinicia is hoping to impact as many young people, parents and carers by providing theoretical and practical tools in order for them to be better individuals for themselves and others. 

Vinicia’s aim is to draw schools nearer to a bully free educational system and an inclusive understanding of hidden and visible social issues. Provide work experience for young people, highlight the importance of social impact and create a fun safe space for young people to flourish and build healthy relationships amongst people. 

Details for any events, workshops and programmes can be found on their website and social media 

Instagram: @youngenerationeedsus