World AIDS Day: Wear the Red Ribbon

Wear the Red Ribbon World AIDS Day is 1 December, with a theme this year of ‘Let communities lead’.

By Sheila Nursimhulu

A large red ribbon on a concrete building

Thankfully, today in the UK, it is very rare that someone is diagnosed with AIDS, but the diagnosis of late stage or advanced HIV remains a reality and, if left untreated, can cause serious illness.

Current treatment for HIV reduces the virus to an ‘undetectable’ level. This protects the immune system, allowing people to lead a healthy life. As the virus can also not be passed on at such a low level, it enables them to live a normal life.

According to the Terrence Higgins Trust: “We truly can reach the life-changing goal of ending new HIV cases in the UK by 2030, but we can’t do it without you”.

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