Table of Love and Loss: 2023 Memorial

Sunday 3 December 2023 | 1:00pm – 4:00pm, East Ham Town Hall

By Rebekah Samuel

A heart made from images of people

Following the success of the December 2022 memorial organised by Ayse Hussain, politicians voiced their commitment to change. 

Newham’s Mayor, Rokhsana Fiaz pledged that under her watch, this would become an annual event. Everyone who has lost a loved one is welcome to attend, and more organisations and institutions will be present this year. 

Ayse organised the 2022 event in memory of her murdered cousin, Mary-Jane Mustafa, initially to bring together the families of other female victims of crimes, but instead welcomed everyone stating, “such is the trauma of homicide how can you turn anyone away? “Pain and frustrations were shared by those who took to the stage to speak about loved ones lost (their mother, son, daughter, brother, sister), victims to crimes such as domestic violence, stalking, and knife crime. 

Their feelings resonated with others experiencing the same pain and were laid out before official guests including politicians, the police and other professional bodies. Many attendees interviewed spoke of travelling from out of borough for help and support, because there was nothing like this in their area. 

Ayse explained that the December 2023 expands on the previous year’s event. “I listened to the feedback” she said, “and this year’s event will support all forms of homicide, knife crime, car crime, stalking and suicide. Everyone is welcome”. 

Planned support from additional institutions and organisations will include representatives from the Victim Contact Team (a division of the Probation Service), that provides posttrial support for families on matters relating to those convicted and other legal changes that may be relevant or be of interest. Representatives from the Court service who regard families as the number one voice of feedback, and the catalyst for change and improvements should also attend. In addition, agencies, or institutions to support families and provide public guidance for attendees on the day will include suicide charities, stalking, drugs and alcohol, homicide, mental health. 

Sign language support will be available. 

For more information contact Ayse on 07958 475 212